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In a new regular feature for Professional Jeweller, we take a deep dive into the hottest trends in fashion jewellery right now.

The Countdown sees PJ survey the industry’s brightest minds to find a consensus list of the top trending styles, pieces and designs that will translate into sales for jewellers over the coming months.

8) The old favourites
Several respondents warn of the danger in forgetting about the hits, the trusty pieces that sell well year in, year out. It is all well and good stocking the next best thing, but some things never go out of fashion and it would be a mistake to ignore them.

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7) Hearts
Multiple respondents mentioned the public’s love for heart motifs in their jewellery at the moment.

Hot Diamonds head of commerce, Adryan Cresswell, comments: “We have been seeing our heart jewellery designs recovering strongly after a slight dip in recent years, which is quite interesting.”

If the last two entries were obvious choices, this one is definitely more left-field. Far less commonly worn than items like the necklace, bracelet or ring, some of the industry believes the hand chain could be about to see something of a surge in popularity.

Lucy Quartermaine, founder of the eponymous brand, tells PJ: “After Meghan Markle’s latest appearance wearing one we have seen a rise in our hand chain sales. It’s a wonderful hand ornament that’s subtle and style-able with different looks.”

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5) Silver

Next in the line-up is that most popular of metals: silver. While another popular metal featuring higher up this list seems to have more clout with consumers at the moment, silver will never go out of fashion.

Merci Maman sales and marketing director, Alix Stanworth, says: “I see a balance of more rhodium-plated sterling silver pieces to use as a contrast to all the yellow we are seeing.”

4) Layering

On the topic of contrast, PJ hears that layering and stacking are about to get a whole lot less uniform. Gold and silver together? Why not!

CME Jewellery buyer, Tracey Toach, explains: “Necklace layering is becoming less organised, and more expressive and reactive. Basically, if you want to wear it, anything goes.”

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3) Engraving

As always, customisation is a massively enticing added extra for customers, and one that can get them inside the store even if they end up buying something different entirely.

Gecko Jewellery general manager, Ruth Johnson, reveals: “Here at Gecko we haven’t seen one particular style reigning supreme, but demand is definitely up for engravable items, so we will continue to supply newness in this category.”

2) Yellow gold

In the number-two spot is everyone’s favourite metal. “Gold is flattering on all skin tones,” says Lucy Quartermaine, who has expanded her brand’s gold collection by around 20% to meet rising demand.

“No matter the season, gold is always the perfect finishing touch to any outfit,” she adds. CME’s Tracey Toach backs her up, saying: “Yellow gold-plating is everywhere!”

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1) Pearls

Top of our list this time, perhaps surprisingly, is pearl jewellery. “Pearls are hot right now,” emphasises Tracey Toach. “Baroque pearls make quite the statement, while smaller pearls are delicate, pretty and forever feminine.”

Hot Diamonds’ Adryan Cresswell agrees that pearls “will perform very strongly throughout autumn and winter 2022.”

ON THE OUTS: Rose gold is out

To make room for all these incoming trends, some styles unfortunately have to make way for the new kids on the block. While their time in the sun may be over for now, they will no doubt be back.

Now, though, it is rose gold’s turn to sit on the bench. In response to PJ’s question about which styles have gone out of favour recently, 100% of respondents mentioned the metal.

Mesmeric Distribution managing director, Judith Lockwood, says: “There has been a natural decline in 18ct rose gold-plated pieces, but [Ti Sento-Milano] still has a good core range to offer to stores that have clients who prefer rose gold.”

Hot Diamonds head of commerce, Adryan Cresswell, confirms: “We have noticed rose gold designs have tailed off significantly, and even silver and rose gold mixed together has plateaued.”

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for the precious metal, though, as CME Jewellery’s buyer, Tracey Toach, expands: “Rose gold has indeed declined in popularity, however a few of the designer brands have begun introducing new pieces in the precious metal so watch this space.”

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