6 Tips on How to Find Ideas for Your Blog Articles

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6 Tips on How to Find Ideas for Your Blog Articles

6 Tips on How to Find Ideas for Your Blog Articles

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If you have decided to start a blog, whether personal or professional, chances are that you will have several ideas for your articles at your start. Then, finding inspiration to write new texts can become more challenging with time. Here are six tips on how to find ideas for your blog articles, whether you are a writer or not.

Reminder: Why add a blog to your website

Even if you have decided to create a website for your business or an online store, a blog has many benefits. First, it will help your SEO because it increases the number of content on your site. It also allows you to create other paths to your website; for example, someone could find your article by searching on Google. Then, it can display that you are an expert or know the subject well.

It is not necessary to write ten texts per week. Start by finding a topic you find interesting, and then try to publish your articles on a regular basis.


Finding ideas for your blog articles

As we mentioned, finding ideas for your blog articles can become more difficult with time. After a while, you might think that you have already covered everything. Here are a few suggestions to help you.

Do some strategic monitoring

Whatever your domain, plan some time to do strategic monitoring. But what is strategic monitoring exactly? It is collecting data on various topics related to your business. It can be to see what your competitors are doing, follow professional groups on social media, or learn more about the current trends in the market.

By doing some monitoring, you will be even more able to see what are the topics that are currently popular. You can also use tools like Google Trends to access interesting data.

Answer your clients’ questions

Your clients and their questions can also be a great source of inspiration. Indeed, there are great chances that you will write blog articles for them. Consequently, use their concerns and questions to create texts that meet their needs.

Let us say that you are a professional photographer, and you decided to start a blog on your website. Use your clients’ frequently asked questions as the main inspiration. For example, you can write articles about the clothes to wear to a photo shoot or the best types of files for photos and how to use them. You will quickly see that the same questions are always asked.

Take a look at your statistics

After a few months, you will have a few articles published on your blog. Another way to see what interests your audience is to look at your website statistics to see which texts or topics were the most popular. It can tell if your audience likes a specific topic and wants to know more about it.

There are blog articles that work well during a specific time. For example, every March, our partner FreeLogoDesign’s blog article about the origin of the Guinness logo becomes very popular. The reason is simple: St. Patrick’s day is celebrated in March, and a lot of Guinness beer is drunk. It could also be relevant to consider holidays or important events to come, like the Olympic games, when you look for ideas for your blog articles.

Note down all good ideas

You can have a good idea at any time, whether in your car, computer desk, or shower. Consequently, be aware and note down every idea when you have a good one. How often have you thought you would remember it and then forget it? With our smartphones in hand, there are no more excuses.

You will quickly have a bank of ideas by noting your thoughts. You will only have to do some research to know more about your topic and write your articles. It is a great habit to take.

Read many blog articles

Another way to find ideas for your blog is to read many articles. Indeed, by reading many texts written by other people, you might be able to find ideas more easily. Of course, we are not saying to copy them but to be interested in the topics and how the articles are structured. What emotions did you feel while reading the text? What thoughts did you have? What did catch your attention?

Fortunately, there are now blogs on every topic, whether about travel, food, or professional life. You will surely find some that catch your attention.

Do interviews with relevant people

Finally, here is another tip: writing scientific articles on a complicated topic is not mandatory. Often, what works well are interviews with relevant and interesting people. It can be one of your clients, a partner, a supplier, an influencer, etc.

Besides creating another type of content, there are great chances that the presented person shares your article on their social media too. It is a way to get in touch with other communities. Most of the time, people are open to answering your questions ans share their knowledge.


In conclusion, by using one or many of these tips, we think it will be easier to find ideas for your blog articles. Often, you only need a little inspiration to write several texts on a topic you are passionate about. Moreover, remember to promote your blog and share your texts on social media. Good luck!


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