Kendrick Perkins has wild take on where Ja Morant should play next

Kendrick Perkins in a blazer


There has been some talk of the Memphis Grizzlies potentially moving on from JaMorant in the wake of all the star point guard’s off-court issues, and Kendrick Perkins believes Morant would be better behaved in South Beach.

Perkins said on ESPN’s “First Take” Thursday that he thinks Morant would benefit from a change of scenery. Believe it or not, Perkins sees the Miami Heat as the perfect fit for Morant both on and off the court.

“We just got finished talking about the Miami Heat. I think that’s the culture and that’s the organization he needs to go to,” Perkins said. “I know they have the lifestyle down there in Miami. They have the nightlife, they have the clubs, you go to the beaches. They have everything and more. But I also know that when it comes down to The Godfather, Pat Riley, there’s nothing that goes on in that city without him knowing. … So when I look at the culture and I look at what he could do for that organization and what that organization could do for him, I look at Ja and a change of scenery. I think Miami is the best fit for him.”

Keep in mind that Perkins gets paid to deliver hot takes, but that could be one of his most scorching to date.

There are few NBA cities with more trouble readily available than Miami. Most would agree that Morant needs to spend less time partying into the wee hours of the morning and more time focusing on basketball. For whatever reason, Perkins thinks Pat Riley would be able to get Morant to do that while surrounded by one of the biggest nightlife scenes in the world.

The Heat have been linked to several prominent guards heading into the offseason, so Morant in Miami might make sense from a basketball standpoint. The idea sounds like a nightmare otherwise.

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