Miami Dolphins announce Blake Ferguson’s contract extension

Miami Dolphins announce Blake Ferguson’s contract extension

Fourth-year long snapper Blake Ferguson inked an extension that will keep him in Miami through 2026

Atlanta Falcons v Miami DolphinsPhoto by Bryan Cereijo/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins announced on Wednesday that long snapper Blake Ferguson signed a contract extension that will keep him on the team through the 2026 season.

Ferguson, 26, was selected in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL draft and signed a four-year deal with Miami. He started 50 games throughout his professional career after becoming the first long snapper in the history of Louisiana State University’s football program to be named a permanent team captain.

No further contract details were provided, but Ferguson’s cap hit was slated for $1,057,613, according to While long snapper isn’t the topic of many discussions, six-time Super Bowl coach Bill Belichick was asked if it’s a challenging position during an interview on Tuesday.

“He not only has to snap, so that gets into whether you’re a blind snapper and you look at the rush and just snap the ball or whether you’re a look-back snapper and snap it,” Belichick said during his 10-minute speech. “And then after the snap you have to look up and recognize what’s happened and make the proper block.