When Is Halloween? Here’s What Day of the Week It Falls on This Year

Fall brings on all the fun things, but especially Halloween! 👻🎃

When else can you transform delicious pumpkins into spooky carvings, dress up in creative costumes, and hand out mouthwatering Halloween treats? There’s no other holiday quite like Halloween, so when we get the chance to celebrate it, we go all out! (By the way, if you haven’t seen the photos of Alex and Paige dressed as a dead bride and a zombie on Halloween years ago, you definitely should check them out! 😂)

We’re more than excited for all of our favorite Halloween activities to begin, but there’s one thing we have to square away before we can even think about that. Which is: When exactly is Halloween?

We all want an excuse to throw on those classic Halloween films and sip on some eerily tasty drinks, but it’s probably best if we plan ahead first. Read on for more information on when Halloween is in 2023, as well as when trick-or-treating begins!

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When is Halloween in 2023?

This year, Halloween falls on Tuesday, October 31. Though, you might have already known the answer to that one since it does fall on the same date every year. Which leads us into our next question…

Why is Halloween on the 31st every year?

So, it all has to do with the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain. It’s essentially the first Halloween celebration (that we know of), which began before the 8th century. The day happened on November 1, but officially began its festivities the night before on October 31. In all, the original celebration honored not only the change in weather and seasons, but also has some spiritual depth to it. People would use this day to fight off unwelcome spirits, which would later be recognized as All Hallows Eve. After All Saints Day was assigned November 1 as its day or celebration by Pope Gregory III, the two holidays eventually merged their likeness, and began the Halloween traditions we know today.

What happens if Halloween falls on a Monday?

This is mainly a concern for those who participate in trick-or-treating! Since the annual tradition of neighbors giving out candy is usually celebrated by children—parents more than likely do not want their kids staying up late on a school night. So, the answer to this question truly depends on where you live! Some communities stick to trick-or-treating on October 31, no matter what day it falls on. This has seen communities advocating for earlier start times, as seen in a 2015 poll.

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